Sunday, 29 June 2014

Tiny Cakes 1:48, Super Tiny Strawberry Cane + Gifts from Drora, Victoria and Jennifer

Hi everybody!! I haven't been posting on my blog for a while now and as the last things I made were gifts for friends, I couldn't' really post about them!! Other than that, I'm back to work and I don't have the same free time I had before. Still, I try to follow my friends on their blogs and sorry if sometimes I answer late, very late!! I've also tried to set up an Etsy shop to sell felting needles with handles made by me and that too, took some time from my already very little time!!

Anyway, here I am with some more gifts to show you and some little things I made. I know Jane of Minifanaticus was going to set up a 1:48 Bakery and I though to make some cakes for her to use in her scene. This was my first time working in such a small scale and I have to say that I have a new found respect for people that work in this scale.....difficult!!! As I needed some decorations for these cakes, I decided to shrink a strawberry cane that I made more than 1 year ago. I was wondering how small I could go with this cane and this is the result:

The strawberry on the left is 1:24, while the one of the right is the 1:48. I have to say that I am amazed at how well the clay keeps the details, even at such super small scale. I could pull the cane until it started to break and still, I could pull those broken pieces to make even smaller strawberry slices.

This is the cane that it became 2 mm large after reducing and reducing and reducing. I have to say that I really like the fact that the details are still there, very clear to see.

I also made this cake holder that maybe it's a bit too big but Jane can confirm if I made it too large for the 1:48 scale. Anyway, I made this with a bead cup, some card board and some lace that I stained with a silver pen.  

These are the 3 cakes I made and I can't stress enough how difficult it was to work with this's almost impossible to handle these tiny things and you need a LOT of patience!! But surely, it was worth all the effort as the smaller, the cuter, for me!

And now, I want to show you the gift I got, not just for the gifts but for the wonderful miniatures that these friends made. I'll go by chronological order as I received them.
First is Drora that some time ago sent me this wonderful mini scene made entirely by herself. 

I can't tell you how small everything, very, super, small!!!! The dog is super tiny as everything else like the flowers, the meat on the grill and all the rest. I think she worked with tweezers because you can't handle such super tiny items!!!

I put a pin here, to show you how small the scene is...... Drora, thank you so much for this very lovely scene.

Then I got some gifts that I wasn't really expecting and she caught me by surprise.....I'm talking about Victoria of Miniaturas de Victoria. Victoria won one my giveaway and very kindly she sent me some gifts back. These for me are "special" because they remind me of Italy, especially the city where I came from.
I can't describe the amount of details that are in each and every piece she made. Everything looks very real and it feels real!!! The pots seem made with the same materials real pots are made and even the soil on top of them, seem real soil!! Same thing for all the ceramics and veg she made. And the little stitched picture is just darling and super small. I don't think I could stitch at such a small scale. Anyway, she told me that in the real picture there were 1 boy and one girl and she changed the boy to look like a girl to represent me and my lovely is that??? Very thoughtful and I really appreciate that!  

Here are some close up of the veg she made, the plant, the bowl and the stitched picture. I always loved her plants and veg and every time I saw one on her blog I wanted it!!!...... and I can't believe I now own some!!!! I do feel lucky!!

And here is a close up of the plants...look at those bulbs....look at the soil and look at the details on the pots....and the flowers are so tiny that to be so well made you surely need some skill!! Thank you Victoria for such lovely gifts!!

Last but not least, are gifts from Jennifer from Plushpussycat blog.
Ehhhmmmmm............yes......a lot of gifts!!!!  :) :) I received such cute, small, pink, well made items from this lovely friend and I was shocked when I saw the size of the package......I was pulling out stuff and they were....never ending!!!  :) :) SF set, ReMent Hello Kitty set, stickers, fabric, ribbons, cabochons, pens, erasers, stamps, tape, washi tape, Sanrio chewing gums.

These are the super lovely items she made. I love her super clean book, the gloves and the sponge, the cookie cutters, the wonderfully yummy cake, the pink cream, the thermos, the cookie mix in a jar and the so lovely bunnies and chocolate bars!!!! I really love each and every item you made Jen!! They are so cute!! 

And here is a close up of the super yummy cake she made and look the tiny spoon on the cookie mix jar...I can tell you that the spoon was carved on a toothpick......yes, you heard it!!! I just, simply love it!!! Thanks to you too Jen for the gifts, but most of all for your friendship that I cherish so much and you know.

I want to thank all of my blog friends for being so caring and always interested and I wanted to thank again the lovely ladies for their fantastic gifts.
I hope to post soon some more updates on my wool house. I finished the roof and all its tiles some months ago but as I have been doing other items, I haven't had enough time to do it all!!
Hugs to all of you!!