Saturday, 2 August 2014

JULY Giveaway Results

Sorry for the late results but I've not been well for the last 2 weeks and I did't even have the strength to open my laptop and write this post. I've also missed a few of your posts but I will come and visit your blog as soon as I feel to do it.
Thanks a million to everybody that entered the giveaway.....this time my gift is going to the going to....Illona's house!!! Illona please contact me with your home address. You can find my email address on the right, on this page.
Congratulations Illona, I hope you like it!!

Be good, until next time,

Sunday, 13 July 2014

JULY Giveaway!! Cake, Macaroons and Birthday Candles

Hi All! I'm giving away this cute chocolate cake with strawberry cream and sugar bows, the candles and the portion of macaroons. The plates and cutlery are not part of the giveaway. Finally something made by me!!  :) :)
After this giveaway I really hope to go back to my wool box....hoping polymer clay will stop calling me!!!! :)

The giveaway is open to everybody, in any country and you just need to be a follower through Google FriendConnect (on the side, in this page  ------------>>>>>> ) and leave a comment.
I will draw up a name on the evening of the 31st of this month: July.

Good Luck to every one and I hope you like the giveaway!

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Tiny Cakes 1:48, Super Tiny Strawberry Cane + Gifts from Drora, Victoria and Jennifer

Hi everybody!! I haven't been posting on my blog for a while now and as the last things I made were gifts for friends, I couldn't' really post about them!! Other than that, I'm back to work and I don't have the same free time I had before. Still, I try to follow my friends on their blogs and sorry if sometimes I answer late, very late!! I've also tried to set up an Etsy shop to sell felting needles with handles made by me and that too, took some time from my already very little time!!

Anyway, here I am with some more gifts to show you and some little things I made. I know Jane of Minifanaticus was going to set up a 1:48 Bakery and I though to make some cakes for her to use in her scene. This was my first time working in such a small scale and I have to say that I have a new found respect for people that work in this scale.....difficult!!! As I needed some decorations for these cakes, I decided to shrink a strawberry cane that I made more than 1 year ago. I was wondering how small I could go with this cane and this is the result:

The strawberry on the left is 1:24, while the one of the right is the 1:48. I have to say that I am amazed at how well the clay keeps the details, even at such super small scale. I could pull the cane until it started to break and still, I could pull those broken pieces to make even smaller strawberry slices.

This is the cane that it became 2 mm large after reducing and reducing and reducing. I have to say that I really like the fact that the details are still there, very clear to see.

I also made this cake holder that maybe it's a bit too big but Jane can confirm if I made it too large for the 1:48 scale. Anyway, I made this with a bead cup, some card board and some lace that I stained with a silver pen.  

These are the 3 cakes I made and I can't stress enough how difficult it was to work with this's almost impossible to handle these tiny things and you need a LOT of patience!! But surely, it was worth all the effort as the smaller, the cuter, for me!

And now, I want to show you the gift I got, not just for the gifts but for the wonderful miniatures that these friends made. I'll go by chronological order as I received them.
First is Drora that some time ago sent me this wonderful mini scene made entirely by herself. 

I can't tell you how small everything, very, super, small!!!! The dog is super tiny as everything else like the flowers, the meat on the grill and all the rest. I think she worked with tweezers because you can't handle such super tiny items!!!

I put a pin here, to show you how small the scene is...... Drora, thank you so much for this very lovely scene.

Then I got some gifts that I wasn't really expecting and she caught me by surprise.....I'm talking about Victoria of Miniaturas de Victoria. Victoria won one my giveaway and very kindly she sent me some gifts back. These for me are "special" because they remind me of Italy, especially the city where I came from.
I can't describe the amount of details that are in each and every piece she made. Everything looks very real and it feels real!!! The pots seem made with the same materials real pots are made and even the soil on top of them, seem real soil!! Same thing for all the ceramics and veg she made. And the little stitched picture is just darling and super small. I don't think I could stitch at such a small scale. Anyway, she told me that in the real picture there were 1 boy and one girl and she changed the boy to look like a girl to represent me and my lovely is that??? Very thoughtful and I really appreciate that!  

Here are some close up of the veg she made, the plant, the bowl and the stitched picture. I always loved her plants and veg and every time I saw one on her blog I wanted it!!!...... and I can't believe I now own some!!!! I do feel lucky!!

And here is a close up of the plants...look at those bulbs....look at the soil and look at the details on the pots....and the flowers are so tiny that to be so well made you surely need some skill!! Thank you Victoria for such lovely gifts!!

Last but not least, are gifts from Jennifer from Plushpussycat blog.
Ehhhmmmmm............yes......a lot of gifts!!!!  :) :) I received such cute, small, pink, well made items from this lovely friend and I was shocked when I saw the size of the package......I was pulling out stuff and they were....never ending!!!  :) :) SF set, ReMent Hello Kitty set, stickers, fabric, ribbons, cabochons, pens, erasers, stamps, tape, washi tape, Sanrio chewing gums.

These are the super lovely items she made. I love her super clean book, the gloves and the sponge, the cookie cutters, the wonderfully yummy cake, the pink cream, the thermos, the cookie mix in a jar and the so lovely bunnies and chocolate bars!!!! I really love each and every item you made Jen!! They are so cute!! 

And here is a close up of the super yummy cake she made and look the tiny spoon on the cookie mix jar...I can tell you that the spoon was carved on a toothpick......yes, you heard it!!! I just, simply love it!!! Thanks to you too Jen for the gifts, but most of all for your friendship that I cherish so much and you know.

I want to thank all of my blog friends for being so caring and always interested and I wanted to thank again the lovely ladies for their fantastic gifts.
I hope to post soon some more updates on my wool house. I finished the roof and all its tiles some months ago but as I have been doing other items, I haven't had enough time to do it all!!
Hugs to all of you!!

Friday, 2 May 2014

Some More Gifts from Jane and Esther

Some time ago I got 2 packages with some very lovely stuff inside, as a gift from Jane of Minifanaticus and Esther of Mi Mundo de Miniatura. I haven't had much  time lately so this is why I'm posting only now.

Jane sent some very very cute stuff made by her and some lovely items useful to create anything you might want, like the tiny no holes beads, some green plants, some super tiny stickers and some tiny sea shells. There also is some sparkling sugar, which I love and 2 toffee apples which look real!!  She put everything in some very useful plastic boxes which I was already thinking I could use to create some little wool scene inside....who knows what they will end up with!!!
I forgot to take a detailed picture of the pumpkin with the candle on top of can see it in the pic above, another of Jane's wonderful creations!!

Here are a few detailed pictures of her wonderful creations. There are some cupcakes and courgettes.

I can't stress out how wonderful the flower on the little plant is... the picture doesn't give it justice....And the candle looks real, I mean like made with wax!!

And what about these super cute, colorful chocolates???? I love them!!

How delicate is this set of perfumes?? So cute!

And last picture but not least, this super wonderful box of sweets. I LOVE IT!!!!

And this is Esther's package. Easter sent all items made by her and if you know her you know what type of things she creates and come up with. Everything came in a lovely box that you can see behind everything.

Inside the orange cone, there were the icecreams that you can see in this pic....yummy!!!!! Next to them, there is a box of Doughnuts....which I love to eat with Philadelphia on them!!  :)

Next there was a cooler with some bottles inside...this was created by Esther and I think she will post a tutorial soon on how to make usual, she used some very common item to create this.

This is a record player that she created using a dental floss container.....How she comes up with these ideas is amazing for me!! She also made those 2 records from the Beatles and the Rolling Stones!!!! She just posted a tutorial on this and you can find it here.

Here is a pizza in its own pizza box and a McDonald's box with ketchup and hamburger inside!! When I open the pizza box and I saw the 50% voucher discount, I couldn't stop laughing....just the same as you would get when ordering a pizza!!!!

There also was a box of teas with different flavors and colors. Too cute!!!!

Some very cute printables boxes and containers.

Last but not least, there were these 2 soap containers. When I opened them, I was next to my partner and when we saw the actual soap inside and then I pulled out the super tiny measurements cup, we couldn't stop laughing and jumping like 2 stupid kids!!!! Wow!! What details on this!!!

Well, I just wanted to say sorry for the huge delay in posting this and thank both of these wonderful ladies for these fantastic gifts and their, even more fantastic friendship!!
Have a nice weekend all!!!

Mar Giveaway Results

Sorry for the delay...Soooooooooooo the winner of this giveaway is:

Victoria Cascales!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations Victoria! I hope you enjoy this gift and please, send me your address via email.
Thanks all for participating, until next time, goodbye!!

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Tiny Bears with eyes, Cats and Figurine

Now that Jennifer (Plushpussycat) got her gifts I can make a quick post about some items I made with wool. I like to keep it short and quick so no more writing. Here are the pictures!!  :)

I really love the way the hair came out.

Some of you might remember about these bears. I posted about them some time ago, they had no eyes and they were a bit skinnier!! I made a few adjustments and this is the final look. I know the bigger one looks more like a mouse than a bear but even with few adjustments his face didn't come out well.

The mini pink bear at only was pretty difficult to felt as there was no space to enter the needle!!!! ....still, I could have done a better job at cleaning these hair sticking out!! Too late now!! He is gone!!  :)

And here are 2 cats. They are small too. 

I could not forget about this particular........  :)

And a few cake holders made with carton and Washi tape.
Have a nice Sunday you all!!!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Gifts from Esther - Mi Mundo de Miniatura

Hi and thank you all for the nice comments in the giveaway about the UP house, about my sister. I'm not going to answer all comments in the giveaway but I do read them all, always and I do cherish them.
I recently received some very cute items made by Esther of Mi Mundo de Miniatura. I always love what Esther does because whatever she creates, she uses very simple items that many people would not think of or see them in the same way as she does. Let's say that she has a special eye and imagination when it comes to creating ingenious miniatures! Other than being very talented, she also is very caring and thoughtful. She recently wrote a post about me and obviously she hit me right in the spot! I have to say that I melted and I felt very emotional :) Who wouldn't like such attention?
I really loved the way the items were packed: very professional like if I had received a package from an internet shop :)

As you can see there is a popcorn machine, a microwave, a few cake pans, a broken egg with shell, a waffle with icecream, some cute containers, some very small sparkly butterflies with a tiny sticker on the back side and a lovely note.

I really liked the popcorn machine when she made one in this tutorial on her blog and when I saw it between the items in package I was very happy!! On the sides of the popcorn machine there are 2 lovely containers....another one of those items that only her creative eyes can see already transformed, with all potential to be changed to something useful in the miniature world.

The popcorn are so cute and I loved to see her fingerprints on couldn't get more personal than this!!  :) :) :) 

Here you can see the super cute waffle with icecream and chocolate sauce on top and the broken eggshell with egg. You can find Esther tutorials on how to make all these cute things by clicking on the links. 

How cute is this microwave??? I love it!!! And you might wonder why I put my waffle with icecream in the microvawe....well...I like my icecream ball almost melted on my waffle!! Anyway...isn't this microwave really cute and well made??

And you can open and close the little door and it stays put!! I don't think Esther made a tutorial on this, I couldn't find one by looking at the list on her blog but if you do have a tutorial on your blog Esther, then please, feel free to post the link and slap me on my hands!!  :) 

And these are the super cute cake pans that she made and posted on her blog too. Follow the link for the tutorial.

And last but not least, are these very soft, rubbery cake pans or molds with the super tiny, sparkly and cute butterflies that have a super small sticker on the back side so you can attach them wherever you like! Super cute!! Thank you Esther for everything but most of all for your wonderful messages and friendship that I cherish very much!!!
Tomorrow I can finally post some of the wool felted items that I made.
Until then, have a nice time you all!!!  :)

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Mar Giveaway!! Dolls House

Hi all! As I said in my previous post this giveaway is a dolls house and finally I found and put all pieces together and I have it ready. The house has never been put together and is brand new.
Thank you all for asking about my sister. She is better but because she has MS she will maybe never (unless they find a cure and the medicine today is moving very fast) be well.
Regarding the berries, is actually not as easy as just making a round shape on the tip of the toothpick. I  tried to attach the beads in a round shape but because I needed more layers of  those to build up a ball,  it would become too big and I would loose the scale. The toothpick is not the best because of its shape. You need to fill out the very tip where there is less wood. As Jane said in her comment, maybe attaching them to wire it would be easier to create a ball shape....but then, she said she tried and they don't come out nice so I wouldn't want to waste my time.......
 I made more things with polymer clay but it will not be me to show you those, but it will be Jennifer whenever she will get her package!! If I show you what I made I will ruin her surprise and I have already shown the berries cheesecake!
In these last 2 days I have been going around blogs to see what you have been doing and I'm getting there in visiting you all. I'm a good girl!! :) Just have a bit of patience and I'll reach you all!

The giveaway this month is a dolls house. You will receive the dolls house in pieces and then you will have to build it. Obviously I will send the plans to whoever will win the house. This is the house that was featured in the animated movie UP. It has 2  floors and you can paint it and decorated as you most like it and I might even get ideas from you on how to paint mine as I still have to build it!!!!  :)

Everybody can participate. No matter where you live. To participate you have to be a follower and leave a comment.
I will draw a name on the evening of the 1st of May. I'm choosing this date because my family is coming over to visit me and I will ask my beloved sister to pick out a name.

Good luck to all of you!!

Front of the house

Side of the house

Design from the plans.