Needle Felting: Tips & Tricks

This section is a "work in progress". I will add more tips as I go along with my works.

Now that I finished the first part of my needle felted house tutorial and before I start with the decorations of the house, I wanted to post this small tip that can be useful for many people that yet don't know about this method and that can save your magic crafty fingers from repetitive stabbing injury when trying to get your sides all clean!!!  :)

I simply use 2 cards, like credit cards (but are not) but you could also use 2 pieces of carton, even carton that you can cut from a parcel box or a pack of cereals.
I put the piece between the 2 cards, I hold tight and I first start to jab in the middle. Then I put the needle right beside the card and I do both left and right side of the piece of wool touching the cards. Do this for all sides of your piece.

Put the piece of wool between 2 cards

Start to jab in the middle

Then jab on the sides, left and right

And finally, jab right on the side between the card and the piece of wool (both on the left and right side)


  1. super idea! im gonna try it, yay! :)

  2. Great idea to do the flat needle felting. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for these great tips! Can't wait to see your creations soon! ^_^


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