Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Tiny felted family

Hi everybody. I have not been around much lately but I'm back and I have a it more time for blogging. I will have some gifts to show you that I received from Drora , from Jane and from Jennifer but I will do this next time.
For the moment just a quick one to let you see a felted family I made and each character has its own accessory.

When I made the first pipe I realised it was too big, so I made another one, even smaller:

While I was felting the tiny bunny, my partner came back home with some strawberries.....alien strawberries.....they were so big that I almost thought they were fake!!! Anyway I put the bunny on the strawberry and took a picture:

I'm in the process of making a mostly pink scene but I'll tell you and I'll show you more next time.
Now that I have a bit more time I can finally come and see what you have been up you'll see me on your blog soon. :)
Until then, keep safe and create more.