Sunday, 13 April 2014

Tiny Bears with eyes, Cats and Figurine

Now that Jennifer (Plushpussycat) got her gifts I can make a quick post about some items I made with wool. I like to keep it short and quick so no more writing. Here are the pictures!!  :)

I really love the way the hair came out.

Some of you might remember about these bears. I posted about them some time ago, they had no eyes and they were a bit skinnier!! I made a few adjustments and this is the final look. I know the bigger one looks more like a mouse than a bear but even with few adjustments his face didn't come out well.

The mini pink bear at only was pretty difficult to felt as there was no space to enter the needle!!!! ....still, I could have done a better job at cleaning these hair sticking out!! Too late now!! He is gone!!  :)

And here are 2 cats. They are small too. 

I could not forget about this particular........  :)

And a few cake holders made with carton and Washi tape.
Have a nice Sunday you all!!!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Gifts from Esther - Mi Mundo de Miniatura

Hi and thank you all for the nice comments in the giveaway about the UP house, about my sister. I'm not going to answer all comments in the giveaway but I do read them all, always and I do cherish them.
I recently received some very cute items made by Esther of Mi Mundo de Miniatura. I always love what Esther does because whatever she creates, she uses very simple items that many people would not think of or see them in the same way as she does. Let's say that she has a special eye and imagination when it comes to creating ingenious miniatures! Other than being very talented, she also is very caring and thoughtful. She recently wrote a post about me and obviously she hit me right in the spot! I have to say that I melted and I felt very emotional :) Who wouldn't like such attention?
I really loved the way the items were packed: very professional like if I had received a package from an internet shop :)

As you can see there is a popcorn machine, a microwave, a few cake pans, a broken egg with shell, a waffle with icecream, some cute containers, some very small sparkly butterflies with a tiny sticker on the back side and a lovely note.

I really liked the popcorn machine when she made one in this tutorial on her blog and when I saw it between the items in package I was very happy!! On the sides of the popcorn machine there are 2 lovely containers....another one of those items that only her creative eyes can see already transformed, with all potential to be changed to something useful in the miniature world.

The popcorn are so cute and I loved to see her fingerprints on couldn't get more personal than this!!  :) :) :) 

Here you can see the super cute waffle with icecream and chocolate sauce on top and the broken eggshell with egg. You can find Esther tutorials on how to make all these cute things by clicking on the links. 

How cute is this microwave??? I love it!!! And you might wonder why I put my waffle with icecream in the microvawe....well...I like my icecream ball almost melted on my waffle!! Anyway...isn't this microwave really cute and well made??

And you can open and close the little door and it stays put!! I don't think Esther made a tutorial on this, I couldn't find one by looking at the list on her blog but if you do have a tutorial on your blog Esther, then please, feel free to post the link and slap me on my hands!!  :) 

And these are the super cute cake pans that she made and posted on her blog too. Follow the link for the tutorial.

And last but not least, are these very soft, rubbery cake pans or molds with the super tiny, sparkly and cute butterflies that have a super small sticker on the back side so you can attach them wherever you like! Super cute!! Thank you Esther for everything but most of all for your wonderful messages and friendship that I cherish very much!!!
Tomorrow I can finally post some of the wool felted items that I made.
Until then, have a nice time you all!!!  :)