Sunday, 23 March 2014

Mar Giveaway!! Dolls House

Hi all! As I said in my previous post this giveaway is a dolls house and finally I found and put all pieces together and I have it ready. The house has never been put together and is brand new.
Thank you all for asking about my sister. She is better but because she has MS she will maybe never (unless they find a cure and the medicine today is moving very fast) be well.
Regarding the berries, is actually not as easy as just making a round shape on the tip of the toothpick. I  tried to attach the beads in a round shape but because I needed more layers of  those to build up a ball,  it would become too big and I would loose the scale. The toothpick is not the best because of its shape. You need to fill out the very tip where there is less wood. As Jane said in her comment, maybe attaching them to wire it would be easier to create a ball shape....but then, she said she tried and they don't come out nice so I wouldn't want to waste my time.......
 I made more things with polymer clay but it will not be me to show you those, but it will be Jennifer whenever she will get her package!! If I show you what I made I will ruin her surprise and I have already shown the berries cheesecake!
In these last 2 days I have been going around blogs to see what you have been doing and I'm getting there in visiting you all. I'm a good girl!! :) Just have a bit of patience and I'll reach you all!

The giveaway this month is a dolls house. You will receive the dolls house in pieces and then you will have to build it. Obviously I will send the plans to whoever will win the house. This is the house that was featured in the animated movie UP. It has 2  floors and you can paint it and decorated as you most like it and I might even get ideas from you on how to paint mine as I still have to build it!!!!  :)

Everybody can participate. No matter where you live. To participate you have to be a follower and leave a comment.
I will draw a name on the evening of the 1st of May. I'm choosing this date because my family is coming over to visit me and I will ask my beloved sister to pick out a name.

Good luck to all of you!!

Front of the house

Side of the house

Design from the plans.


  1. Wow! Che giveaway! Molto interessante! Partecipo con entusiasmo! Grazie!!!cb

  2. Aqui estoy de nuevo!!! jajaj no sé si puedo participar en el sorteo??vivo en España!!! si,puedo,por favor apúntame.Gracias!!!Bss apretaos!!

  3. I hope your sisters recuperation is to the point where she is more comfortable I know there it is not a cure but living as comfortable as she can is a hopeful outlook.

    I tell you between the both of us we will figure out the perfect mini berry ;P

    What a generous giveaway! Please include me in your draw I will put a link on my blog.

    Hugs, js

  4. Hi Simona, I'm soooooooo excited!!!!!!! With you already sending me a beautiful package, I feel too greedy to join your gorgeous, generous giveaway, but I'll go post it on my blog now. Good luck, everyone! This dollhouse is a beautiful treasure, and the winner will be jumping up and down with joy! xo Jennifer

  5. Hi Simona, what a beautiful giveaway. Please count me in. :)
    I will be adding a link to it on my blog in just a moment.

    I'm a bit behind on my blog reading list, it's going to take some time for me to really catch up. This post was the first thing I saw when I logged in, so here I am. I saw your attempt at berries, Have you tried sewing pins? If a toothpick is too thick for a project I'm working on-I switch to pins. I know you're ruling out wire, but in my experience wire is flimsy compared to a straight pin.

    I'm also happy to hear that your sister is doing better-They will find a cure for MS, hopefully very soon. :)

    Best wishes,

  6. You are being too generous with this lovely giveaway. Of course I want to win the adorable house, although I have no idea where I would put it, should I be so lucky. I will add a link on my blog.

    Hugs, Johanna

  7. I know there is a medicine which can stop M.S. attacks. Soon there will probably be a cure too.
    Meanwhile let's pray that it keeps on hold.
    Your giveaway is very generous. Please count me in. If I'll be lucky to win, it will be my first dollhouse.
    Your link will be on the sidebar of my blog.
    Thanks and hugs, Drora

  8. I'd love to enter your fab draw - so I do hope you'll count me in.
    Put a link to my blog.
    MiniHugs. Irina

  9. Hi Simona! I can tell you nothing new about the cure of MS for your sister, I am glad she is doing better now.
    I hope you'll find a solution for the berry-problem. Those tiny things can be a big problem difficult to find out.
    Your giveaway is very generous, WOW! I would love to participate, so please, count me in. I'll put a link on my blog.
    I wish you a good week.
    Hugs, Ilona

  10. Hi Simona!
    This is a really nice and generous give-away.
    i want to participate, so count me in please.
    I really love that. And I put a link on my blog

  11. I would love to join your giveaway, so please count me in. It's a great fantasy house. I love it. I put a link on my blog.

    Great for you that you get family visit, I hope you will get some lovely and pleasant days, when the time comes.

  12. Hi Simona, I really hope your sister's condition will at least stabilize itself. My cousin has MS and I know the roller coaster this condition can cause in one's life.
    This is an incredible giveaway! I would love to participate and will put a link on my blog. What a great house. Thank you for the opportunity.

  13. Hi, Simonа! I'm glad your sister is feeling better. I wish her ​​good health!
    Your incredibly generous giveaway! Counting me, please! I gave a link to my blog I live in Ukraine, we do not produce such houses. Dream to get such a wonderful gift!

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  15. Me gustaría participar en el sorteo, no sé si puedo, vivo en España. De todas formas, lo comparto en mi blog y te doy ánimos con lo de tu hermana, no sabía nada. Besos y gracias por tu generosidad, es un regalo muy bonito y la casa es preciosa. ¡Feliz semana!

  16. I loved that Movie, please count me in.. MS is a terrible disease hopefully they will find a cure soon


  17. A big hug to your sistter! The litle house is very nice. Today I send you my gift. Hugs.

  18. I found your blog via another and am in love with your little berries! I'm quite a berry-holic myself (even have a tattoo of a strawberry on my shoulder). I have some of those little no-hole beads somewhere and then I can try to follow your lovely instructions. I hope your sister gets better soon and am a firm believer in eating whole foods, avoiding all processed things and cleansing the body and mind properly in order to feel more like a whole person. My own blog is sadly, quite forgotten these days, as I'm building a few Greenleaf kits at the same time and the little people are quite demanding!

  19. Hi Simona!

    I'm sorry I haven't visited your blog in a little bit. I'm way behind on everyone's blog due to personal reasons but not as important as yours. I wanted you to know that I will have you and your sister and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Please take care.

    I thought your dishes giveaway was generous but this, wow Simona. I would be honored to be included in your giveaway please. I love that movie :-) Are you going to do yours like the movie or is that what you are still trying to decide? Thank you Simona for this opportunity. You are a very generous soul :-)


  20. It's good to hear you're sister's feeling a little bit better... sorry to hear that she's suffering from MS. And now let me thank you for keeping up with my blog - for reading and commenting EVERY single post you have missed in the meantime... really, this touched my heart! I'm curious to see what treasures Jennifer will receive from you, let's hope mail will do a good and fast job. And about your giveaway... being the lucky one having won your last giveaway I shouldn't participate... no, I should leave this chance to the others... but Carl's home from UP... *sigh* Too much temptation for me, so please count me in... I've already announced it in my sidebar.


  21. Mis mejores deseos para tu hermana.
    Me gustaría participar en tu sorteo, no se si es posible por que vivo en España.
    Esa casa es preciosa y seria un sueño añadirla a mi colección.


  22. Big Hugs for your sister. Thank you for all the lovely comments on my blog :) Now you are seeing the Real Irish weather lol I hope spring returns soon. Wow fantastic giveaway please count me in and thanks for the chance.
    Hugs Maria

  23. Muchos ánimos para su hermana.
    Es una tentación el regalo que sorteas, me encantará participar en él, pongo el enlace en mi blog, besos:-)

  24. Hi!
    It is good to hear your sister is feeling better...sorry to hear about MS..I hope they will find the cure quickly!
    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog!
    And wow what a giveaway, really gorgeous! Love that house!
    I already put the link into my blog. Please count me in.

  25. hi... I just know about Miniature Dollhouse recently..
    In Dec, 2012, I had done 1 miniature house, but it didn't fit any scale at all...
    this year, I'm trying to make a dollhouse with 1:24 scale by scratch. Everything is hard, because in my country (Viet Nam) they don't have enough materials, and don't have a group of person who like to make dollhouse like me (maybe because houses in VN are small)...
    So I hope to make friend with you, so that I can learn more about this...
    I don't have a blog, just facebook :D
    here is my miniature house... The house make by my boyfriend (he gave me at Xmas), I done the decor thing.
    Ps: sorry for my bad english

  26. What a neat dollhouse - I'd love to buy a kit for myself where are these sold? (or are the custom?) I'm a huge Pixar/Disney fan :)

  27. Wow, that is so very generous of you! I would LOVE to win! Its hard to find dollhouses you can build yourself here in Sweden, so I will keep my fingers crossed I can win this. The day before my birthday too, would make a great present ;)
    I added a link to my sidebar.
    Hope you will have a great time when your family comes to visit!

    1. That's a date to remember then!!!! Wed, the 30th of Apr!! Your birthday??

  28. participo, con tu permiso y subo el enlace a mi blog

  29. me gustaria mucho participar en tu sorteo, lo anuncio en mi blog



  30. Hope your sister feel much better. Health is a real treasure.
    Your giveaway is soooooo generous. I would love to work in a dollhouse like your and with this escalera.

  31. Sorry, I mean scale and not escalera :) Please count with me in your giveaway. I live in Spain but if I am lucky I can pay the shipment.

  32. Wonderful giveaway! Please, count me in. I put the link on my blog.

  33. Hi, I would like to participate in your fantastic giveaway! Your link is on my blog. Have a great time with your sister! Hugs, Melli

  34. I love your giveaway, please count me in
    Hugs Teruka

  35. I love your little house. Fantastic giveaway. Please count me in. Have a nice weekend. Hugs from Anne in Sweden

  36. Es una maravilla de regalo, me gustaría participar, gracias por sorteos como este, un saludo. Iván.

  37. Ciao Simona,
    Grazie per questo fantastico giveaway!
    Ho appena condiviso il link sul mio blog.

    In bocca al lupo per tutto!
    Un abbraccio

  38. Me gustaria que contaras conmigo para este sorteo, graciassssssssssss

  39. je viens de découvrir votre blog, par le biais de ceux de Carmen et d'Ilona.
    Ah ! je suis votre 100 ème membre, je vais mettre le lien sur mon blog; Merci de me compter parmi les participantes à votre superbe cadeau.
    Amicalement. rosethé

  40. Merci au membre n°100 de me faire découvrir ce joli blog !
    Cette petite maison est adorable et je participe volontiers à votre giveaway si vous le voulez bien. Je mets un lien sur mon blog.
    Thanks a lot.

  41. Ese regalo es una maravilla. Eres muy generosa. Me encantaría que contases conmigo.
    Le deseo lo mejor a tu hermana y a todos los que tienen esa terrible enfermedad, espero que pronto encuentren una solución

  42. Partecipo con grande piacere al tuo meraviglioso giveaway....

  43. What a wonderful dollhouse!! Our entire family enjoyed UP! What a pleasure it would be to build and decorate this marvelous giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity of entering.

  44. Hi Simona. I have just stumbled across your blog, although I have often seen your wonderful icon picture amongst the comments of other blogs I follow. I have just had a look through your blog and think the needle felted house is brilliant, especially with the plants on the outside. Needle felting is something I really want to have a go at. So far I've got as far as buying a needle! I would love to participate in your generous giveaway. The house is really sweet and has so much potential for a project. I will add a link to my blog.

  45. Hi and yes, please count me in for the giveaway.

  46. Hola Simona: Espero que la salud de tu hermana vaya mejorando cada día.
    Esa casita que sorteas es preciosa, y me encantaría participar.
    Lo publico en mi blog.
    Mucas gracias

  47. What a great giveaway. Of course I want to be entered into the drawing. Be sure to tell your sister to draw my name!!!! UP is a favorite movie in our family. We have watched it several times.
    Thank you for giving away this cute dollhouse.

  48. What a great gift. I love to put miniatures together too. Thank you for sharing.

  49. That's such a cute house. It has so much detail. It's incredible. I hope whoever wins shows how it looks when it's all done. I'm glad your sister is better. Take good care of each other.
    I feel much better. I just have to stretch my muscle out again. That will take me a few more weeks. But I feel great. Thanks so much for asking.

  50. What a fabulous giveaway! The house is gorgeous!
    I follow you via email.
    pippirose59 at gmail dot com

  51. I hope you have a great time with your family - and the house is beautiful!
    I follow via GFC :)

  52. Que presente maravilhoso,por favor conte comigo no sorteio,já coloquei no meu blog pode conferir por favor
    Um abraço

  53. Wow, what a great giveaway, very generous! Please count me in ;-)

  54. Sorry to hear about your sister, Simona! I hope that she will be better in future! It is a very generous and beautiful giveaway! You have a tremendously big heart! All the best to you an your family! Mini hugs, Natalia

  55. Me encanta la casa, se parece a la casita de la película de infantil "UP", por favor cuenta conmigo, subo el enlace a mi blog.
    Un abrazo.

  56. Hello from Spain: I just discovered your blog through the blog 'My World in Miniature'. I really like your creations. I have a blog dedicated to the Barbies. I invite you to visit. If you want to keep in touch. I became a follower of your blog.

  57. cuenta conmigo no conocia tu blog , un saludo

  58. OH! IT´S THE UP HOUSE!!! I´m soo exited!!

    When I saw the movie, I was so fascinated by the house. It is so amazing! I love the colors in the movie and was so happy to see it.

    I have tried to make my own up house, but it's so hard.

    I was overjoyed when I saw that you are giving away one of those houses!

    It really is the best giveaway, you are so generous! I really HOPE that I win.Nobody would be happier than me =)

    (It's my birthday soon too,.April 18 This would be the most wonderful gift ever)

    Hugs / Anna

  59. What a lovely idea to give away a dollhouse! Please count me in:)
    Hugs from Ruth

  60. ¡Qué bonito regaló! Te deseó lo mejor y que disfrutes de los buenos momentos familiares compartidos
    Pongo el enlace en mi blog
    Un abrazo

  61. un gran regalo, gracias por ofrecerlo, y me anoto al sorteo, suerte a todos
    leonor luna

  62. What a wonderful dollhouse, I'd love to win it!

  63. I'm a follower via RSS feed, does that count? Or do I have to follow with GFC?

    I'd love to be entered!!

  64. What a wonderful dollhouse Simona, I can't believe it! You're so generous! I'd like to enter! I put your giveaway on my blog... a big hug!

  65. Un regalo estupendo! me gustaría participar!
    Besos de las Malu´s.

  66. Lo comparto en mi blog, gracias!

  67. Hola Simona, me gustaría participar en tu sorteo. Lo comparto en mi blog

  68. What a fun giveaway! Up is one of my and my son's favorite movies to watch together. I'd love to win this. Thanks for hosting this nice giveaway!

    I'm sorry about your sister's health and will be thinking good thoughts for her.

  69. Hello! Wow what a giveaway! I just found your blog and I am now your blogs follower! :-) Thank you for this opportunity. :-)


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