Friday, 2 May 2014

Some More Gifts from Jane and Esther

Some time ago I got 2 packages with some very lovely stuff inside, as a gift from Jane of Minifanaticus and Esther of Mi Mundo de Miniatura. I haven't had much  time lately so this is why I'm posting only now.

Jane sent some very very cute stuff made by her and some lovely items useful to create anything you might want, like the tiny no holes beads, some green plants, some super tiny stickers and some tiny sea shells. There also is some sparkling sugar, which I love and 2 toffee apples which look real!!  She put everything in some very useful plastic boxes which I was already thinking I could use to create some little wool scene inside....who knows what they will end up with!!!
I forgot to take a detailed picture of the pumpkin with the candle on top of can see it in the pic above, another of Jane's wonderful creations!!

Here are a few detailed pictures of her wonderful creations. There are some cupcakes and courgettes.

I can't stress out how wonderful the flower on the little plant is... the picture doesn't give it justice....And the candle looks real, I mean like made with wax!!

And what about these super cute, colorful chocolates???? I love them!!

How delicate is this set of perfumes?? So cute!

And last picture but not least, this super wonderful box of sweets. I LOVE IT!!!!

And this is Esther's package. Easter sent all items made by her and if you know her you know what type of things she creates and come up with. Everything came in a lovely box that you can see behind everything.

Inside the orange cone, there were the icecreams that you can see in this pic....yummy!!!!! Next to them, there is a box of Doughnuts....which I love to eat with Philadelphia on them!!  :)

Next there was a cooler with some bottles inside...this was created by Esther and I think she will post a tutorial soon on how to make usual, she used some very common item to create this.

This is a record player that she created using a dental floss container.....How she comes up with these ideas is amazing for me!! She also made those 2 records from the Beatles and the Rolling Stones!!!! She just posted a tutorial on this and you can find it here.

Here is a pizza in its own pizza box and a McDonald's box with ketchup and hamburger inside!! When I open the pizza box and I saw the 50% voucher discount, I couldn't stop laughing....just the same as you would get when ordering a pizza!!!!

There also was a box of teas with different flavors and colors. Too cute!!!!

Some very cute printables boxes and containers.

Last but not least, there were these 2 soap containers. When I opened them, I was next to my partner and when we saw the actual soap inside and then I pulled out the super tiny measurements cup, we couldn't stop laughing and jumping like 2 stupid kids!!!! Wow!! What details on this!!!

Well, I just wanted to say sorry for the huge delay in posting this and thank both of these wonderful ladies for these fantastic gifts and their, even more fantastic friendship!!
Have a nice weekend all!!!


  1. Qué bien Simona!! me encanta tu post, las fotos son muy bonitas. Me han gustado mucho los regalos de Jane, tú lo mereces todo!! Me hubiera encantado veros saltar riendo a ti y a John. Me alegro mucho de que te hayan gustado tanto mis regalos, eres encantadora y sabes que te quiero un montón. Un gran abrazo.

  2. Oh I am so glad you liked them! Esther's gifts are just fantastic! The doughnuts are making me drool!

    I hope you get some time to play with your new gifts, I know your very busy in the big life but take some little time too ;)

  3. Hello from Spain: congratulations. Great presents. Keep in touch

  4. wow...looks like you are having early Christmas this year :)
    ...Wonderful items!
    I am sure you'll find much fun with all of them!

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  6. Lovely gift, the soap containers are superb! Wishing you a great weekend!
    gr. AM

  7. those are so cute and I love to soap too :)

    Marisa :)

  8. Wonderful gifts. All are so cute and made with talent and humor. Enjoy all.
    Hugs, Drora

  9. Que maravillosos regalos, Simona. Conozco la creatividad de Esther y siempre me sorprende la forma en que recicla las cosas mas comunes y las convierte en algo único y precioso.
    Me alegro de que hayas recibido esos regalos tan especiales.
    Un abrazo para tu hermana y otro grande para ti

  10. You've been spoiled by these two ladies for sure! Fantastic miniatures... there's so much talent and generosity in blogland. Have fun with your treasures!


  11. Hi Simona!
    Wonderful gifts from very talented ladies. I am lucky enough to own 2 of Jane's flower creations. I swear they are prettier than nature itself. Esther is so incredibly creative...that record player is genius! Enjoy all of your gifts :-)

    1. Felicidades por tantas miniaturas linda, feliz fin de semana:-)

  12. Wow, wonderful gifts from two talented ladies, enjoy all your new goodies, Simona! I LOVE the soap containers with that super tiny measurements cup, what an great find to make this in miniature :D!
    Have a nice weekend.
    Hugs, Ilona

  13. Congratulations Simona your gifts are fantastic both ladies are so very talented and generous. The record player and soap boxes are amazing. I love the pumpkin candle and the cute boxes of sweets. Enjoy all your wonderful new treasures.
    Hugs Maria

  14. Todos los regalos son una maravilla. Disfrútalos mucho.

  15. Fantastic gifts from two talented and thoughtful friends. I love Jane's pumpkin candle and Esther's soap containers--wonderful gifts from precious friends! xo Jennifer

  16. Hi Simona. Isn't it great we can get so excited about miniatures sometimes we tap into our inner kid. You received some wonderful gifts.

  17. Que regalos tan bonitos,no me extraña que estés tan contenta,disfruta de ellos!!!!!

  18. What a wonderful gifts, I love all! Enjoy your new treasures! Hugs

  19. So many wonderful gifts! Both ladies sent you wonderful things! I love the ice cream and the box of chocolate looks so tasty =) But everything looks so great =)

  20. I love all your new gifts! Everything is so cute! You're right the soap is incredible!!

  21. Hello Simona! Bellissime le tue minies grazie per la visita al mio blog! Kiss from Italy!


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